About Me

I’m a passionate interior designer and an explorer of human being… 2 things I try to bring together in a very unique way.
Few years ago I decided to follow my passion so that my work could bring me pleasure and satisfaction. Today it is a dream came true.

Since very young I was constantly striving for aesthetics, functionality and harmony around and inside me. Drawing, handcrafting, playing with colors and shapes, drying flowers and leaves, I was trying to preserve and reproduce the beauty of the nature.

First my love for aesthetics and functionality redirected me to product and fashion design and during my drawing classes I rediscovered the human being and psychology. Everything related to human became very interesting and important for me, so at the age of 15 I decided to start my studies in psychology. Nevertheless my life path brought me to the commercial environment and following my parents suggestions I end up with a master degree in International Trade Management. It was a very promising area for future job opportunities, which is true as I could quickly find my first job.

Life is such an interesting thing. It always gives you what you need at that very specific moment, challenging you, offering various opportunities and choices to make, redirecting you smoothly to the right place for you. All you need to do is paying attention to details and have the ability to analyze the situation to move forward.

Thanks to my life experience and a deeper insight to my personality I finally understood what I would really like to do in my life and what is my real passion. I combined everything I like with everything I can do best and came up with a profession that suits me the most: Interior architecture and design in service to human.

And I wasn’t mistaken since the day I started my interior design and architectural studies I had that feeling that I’m in the right place, I finally got what I was looking for.

With a background of more than 10 years of carrier in international corporate environment I didn’t hesitate to make my first step towards my passion.

I love my new profession as it allows me to combine psychology and design, our inner self and the material world we live in, to get the perfect balance and harmony.
It is very important for me to discover my clients’ personality and hidden needs in order to make the right choices for them and to create the unique environment that will bring satisfaction and make them feel home.